Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From nightgown to dress...

I needed more maternity clothing. But we all know how expensive actual maternity clothes can be, so I've been improvising. My sister noticed this orange nightgown on the clearance rack for about $4.50.
It was several sizes too big for me andthe fabric was very soft and stretchy, so we decided this would be a perfect maternity dress make-over project. It turned out to be a very simple fix. First we cut off the sleeves (no need for long sleeves this time of the year). Then we used the left over sleeve material to make ties, which I simply attached to the sides of the dress slightly higher than my waist. Then we took out a small portion of the stitching at the neck--just enough to make small hole where we could insert a string of elastic. This synched up the neck line quite nicely. Then we added a bit of elastic to the bottom of the sleeves when we hemmed them and voila:
a dress that is acceptable to wear out in public and big enough to stretch over my rapidly enlarging girth.

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