Singing is my first love. My degree is in music, voice was my instrument. I had crazy plans to pursue it professionally. But since performing on the road or nights isn't compatible with being around to raise my kids the way I think I should, I parted with the idea of stardom. Because kids are worth every sacrifice you make for them.

Good thing. I probably wouldn't have lasted long anyway.

So I teach voice. I love it. I love teaching. Seeing people progress. Giving them new ideas to advance. Not just in singing, but anything else I might have a clue about (my sisters would say 'slim pickins' there.) But I can teach and make a difference for others all without compromising my value of being there for my kids.

When I'm not mothering, I'm writing stories about and for children, with or without autism. Autism has blessed and stressed my life, but I'm managing it and so is my family. And believe it or not, we are all better for it.

When I shut the autism door, I might be fluffing the nest or making headboards, gifts, or repurposing an old chair. Thrift shopping is an addiction, so is surfing real estate.

I have to sometimes slow the idea train down so I can get a word in against my own thoughts. It's not often that the brain takes a breather, but the Flash--my uber-lightning quick computer that can't post a picture in less than 10 minutes--halts any traction my idea sharing has because the Flash is on the slow train himself.

Someday, when the Flash begins to really live up to his name, you'd better watch out. Because I can't keep a good idea to myself and the pic-posting will begin in earnest. Until then, be patient with my posting--it may take a while as we wait for the Flash to catch up.

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