Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Iced Pine Cones

I wanted a new Christmas decoration...but money is tight!. Here is an idea that I found in an old Country Living magazine. Paint pine cones.

The magazine said to spray paint the cones, but I tried that. What a flop. The paint was SUCKED into the wood and never seen again!

So, I decided I needed to clean out some old paint anyway AND I had one that reminded me of toothpaste. Since I was Not going to use it in my house, the toothpaste paint became the new icy blue color choice for my winter decoration. It looks icy fresh and winter-y!

So's the scoop.

Tie a string to the top of the pine cone. Wind the string around a clothes line, or something hung up OUTSIDE over a tarp or cardboard. Dip the pine cone in the paint and let it drip dry.

When dry, tie a skinny ribbon around the first row of cone-stick-y-outie-parts. Then gather all the ribbons together at the top (tie a bow, knot, something!) and hang it.

Ta-dah! I love the way this "wreath" turned out.


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