Saturday, April 4, 2015

How we fixed our windows

See this stuff? It is to lubricate the garage door so it runs more smoothly. I am in no way connected with this product, and I'm not promoting this brand necessarily, but I wanted to share what it did for our windows.

When we moved into our house a few months ago, we discovered the windows were a mess! They wouldn't open properly and just as important they wouldn't close right. So locking them was really hard and sometimes I couldn't lock them at all. So when the air conditioner or the heater came on, you could hear the whistling of air seeping out the bottom of the window. UGH!!! Not only was that inefficient, it would be costly. I hate the thought of paying to cool or heat the outside! So I looked up everything I could find on the internet on how to fix the windows. I couldn't find the answer to my kind of windows. So this is what we did instead of removing them, or calling in a repair guy, my oldest son got out this garage door lubricant and just sprayed it in the sides where the balances are hidden. And it worked. 

Just aim it in the slot on the side of the window, slide the window up and down a couple of times and there you have it.

All but one of the windows works!!! Wahoo! 

The one window that doesn't slide, needs to have a replacement part. (The balance)

 So I'm feeling pretty good about this wonderful little bottle of help!

Like I said before I'm not promoting any particular brand, just the garage door lubricant. (NOT WD40) It can gum things up. Hope it works for you, if you need it.


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