Saturday, September 1, 2012

Easy Altered Belt Tutorial

This belt came too long for me. So I decided to try my luck at shortening it. 
After all, how hard could it be? The buckle part is made of vinyl, not leather.

So this is how I did it... First I carefully picked out the stitching holding the  
buckle to the belting (which by the way is stretchy elastic). 

One thing that might make that easier is once you get it started, try to pick it out 
between the vinyl and the belting instead of on the outside. 

 So this is what mine looked like once I had taken it apart.

Then measure carefully and cut off the belting. 

 Stuff the belting back into the buckle end.

Make sure the edges are neatly tucked in...nothing hanging outside.

 Topstitch, following the exact seam line that you picked out.

 And there you have it.

A few simple steps and your belt fits! Yeah!

And no one will be the wiser that you shortened your belt yourself.

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