I guess the very first thing I am is a mom.  Right now (and probably forever more because once a mom, always a mom) that is where the bulk of my time and attention gets focused.  
Reading and education are very important to me.  I encourage my kids to read and hope to instill a love of learning in them by example.  I recently completed my Bachelors in English and I love to spend time reading as well as writing stories of my own.  I home schooled my children for a year and have aspirations of bringing the kids back home for their education, but my youngest has a medical condition and his care takes up a lot of time.  So back to public school they have gone.  But as his care becomes more manageable and his future more certain, I intend to start up the home school once more.
Music and art are two of my favorite things.  I love to look at and create beautiful things, watching objects transform from so-so to so pretty.  I’ve dabbled in drawing, painting, photography, scrapbooking, home decorating, sewing, and just general arts and crafts type stuff.  Someday I hope to get a chance to learn sculpture and cake decorating and maybe even tinker with glass and metal art.  Recently my oldest became interested in origami, pottery, and drawing cartoons.  Just a chip off the old block, I guess--it does my heart good.  And, of course, makes me want to learn some of it with him.
As for the music part, I enjoy playing the piano and am learning to play the mandolin, but I especially love to sing.  I sing when I’m happy, I sing when I’m sad, I sing when I’m bored, when I’m concentrating, when I’m working, when I’m playing...well, you get the idea (the tune and style varying depending on my mood, of course).  I think I’ve always done it and its just second nature to me, “like breathing out and breathing in.”  (5 points to the first person to name the song that line came from)  And now my kids do it too.  They sing while they’re doing chores or playing with toys or doing a puzzle and I love to sit quietly unobserved and listen.

I’d say that my posts to this blog will all be about projects and ideas related to the activities mentioned above, but actually, I still have quite a list of other things I love to participate in. So, since my bio is already long enough, I guess you’ll just have to keep coming back to the blog and see what shows up.  : )

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