Thursday, January 26, 2012

T-Shirt Hat

I tried a fun little project yesterday... thought I'd share.
I got on the bandwagon with the recycling of t-shirts.
("up-cycling" in todays world)
I found the instructions here.

 The hardest part was the flower. (seriously)

So what you do is measure the circumference of your head and add an inch.
Cut out two strips from the old t-shirt that length. Just keep the t-shirt together and cut the two pieces out at the same time. Then cut out a circle out. You can do this using your math  c=d x ∏ (pie) (3.14) or just cut out a 7" circle like I did. You need two of these also. And trace a brim from one of your other hats. Cut out two of knit and one of firm interfacing. Cut the interfacing a little smaller.
Sew the two long pieces together as if they were one piece and make them into a tube. Open the seam and topstitch open. 
Now sew the two circle pieces together.
Pin and sew the tube to the circle.
For the brim, sandwich the interfacing in between the two brim pieces and topstitch them together remembering that this will not be a finished seam. Tuck brim into the center front of the hat. Mine ended up being about 1 1/2" in, between the layers of the tube. Just check to see if this brim length looks good on you. Pin and sew going all the way around the hat. Add your flower. I added elastic in the back. You can do that too if you like.
And your done. 
This hat is also on my other blog. Go here to see what's going on there.
So I'd love to see yours if you make one.

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