Hi friends! I'm Jannie and I'm a Beadoholic.

I'm always after a great new idea!

Who Am I?

I'm a mommy. And I love it.

Yes I get overstressed, disorganized, overwhelmed and overworked, but that's what I signed up for! The toughest, greatest and most gratifying jobs are those called Mommy and Wife.

Can you tell this is a passion of mine?

In fact, I have my batchelor's degree in Family Science. My child safety website, Child Safety for Parents, is the space where I get to teach about internet safety, missing kids, and how to defend against child molestation.

This topic can get a little heavy, which is why I love Idea Bottle. Here is where I can lighten up!

Happiness Factors

Aside from my family (who rocks!) I have many-a-loves in life. I love beautiful things. Sparkly things. Spunky things. Happy things.

I enjoy gardening, dancing, baby stuff and the great outdoors. Don't ask me to pick a hobby, I have too many. But if I had to pick a few favorites I would say...

Beads. Yes. Beads make me happy.

Music. My creative outlet for any mood.

Decorating. I love playing house!

But again, those are only favorites. I love it all! And I post new ideas as they come - whether that's jewelry making, a sewing project, or just something to beautify life.

Life is beautiful. Take advantage of it!

Side Note: In case you were wondering, I do know how to use proper English... I just don't always choose to. :)

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