Who Am I?

My college professors call me a "Family Science Major". My church friends call me a "Youth Family History Consultant". At home, they call me "Mommy". 

What do I call myself? I'm just Jannie and I'm happy to be here. :)

Others know me as a "Givaholic", meaning I'm addicted to giving great gifts. ;) Any awesome gift idea I come across gets featured on Birthday Bullseye - the main outlet for my happy addiction.

All other crafty addictions get posted here to Idea Bottle. 

I'm always after a great new idea!

Happiness Factors

Aside from my family (who rocks!) I have many-a-loves in life. I love beautiful things. Sparkly things. Spunky things. Happy things. Oh yeah, and tigers.

If I want to relax (yeah right, who's got time for that?!) you can find me singing, dancing, drawing or playing with fire in the great outdoors.

Don't ask me to pick a hobby, I have too many. But if I had to pick a few favorites I would say...

Beads. Yes. Beads make me happy.

Music. My creative outlet for any mood.

Decorating and Sewing. I love playing house and dress up!

But again, those are only favorites. I love it all! And I post new ideas as they come - whether that's jewelry making, a sewing project, or just something to beautify life.

Life is beautiful. Life is short. Take advantage of it!

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