Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thumb print bags

This was a simple project that took about 24 hours to complete because of drying time. I made six of these bags, well, not the bags themselves, but the printing on them. I bought the bags at a craft store for $2 a bag. I used alphabet fabric stamps that I bought at a school supply store for $20. I used my thumb and fore finger for the balloons. I used fabric paint for the ink on the letters and the balloons. I used a sharpie marker and a ruler to draw the strings on the balloons to the letters.  Slide a piece of cardboard into the bag before you start so no paint leaks through. Wait for one side to dry completely before stamping the other side. Then after the paint is dry, cover the image with a thin cotton cloth (I used a thin cloth diaper) and iron it, hot and with steam to set the paint. Any image you can manage to draw with a sharpie or paint could easily be put on the bags. Fun little gifts for teachers, friends, sisters, thank you's, or hello's. Happy printing!

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