Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pot Rack from Art?

Go to your favorite home decor store 
and buy 1-2 metal wall-art pieces.

If you buy two, bolt them together.  

Hang from "s" hooks and chain segments.

Make sure you use ceiling anchors for your eyebolts 
to secure them. 

Use more "s" hooks to hang the pots.

And Voila! 


I'd been wanting a pot rack since I moved in, but I couldn't find exactly the right one. I wanted a HUGE pot rack, but it seemed that all the the ones I could find were tiny. As you can see, I have a substantial island in my kitchen, and I needed a pot rack to match.

 So, the idea came to me that I needed to look beyond the kitchen to find my solution. And there it was... staring me in the face.
Wall Art = Pot Rack
I absolutely love it, and use it every day!


The Tiff-girl said...

That looks great! Clever idea.

jomymother said...

I love this. Looks great.

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