Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A little Family Tree

This year for Christmas, we (as in all 8 siblings)  wanted to do something special for the folks. The idea appeared in the form of our version of a family tree.

The idea is that as a tree grows, the leaves and branches come and go. The roots however, grow deep and wide will keep the tree strong and healthy. So, we need to always nourish the roots.

On the back of the tree plaque is an inscription that says:  "A family tree spreads deep and wide, sweeping our legacy in it's stride."

With 8 siblings, we can't help but create a spectacular family tree!

Basically, we took photos of every member of the family at approximately age 2 (or as close to it as possible) and mounted the on wooden tags.  Here is where the tree- or roots- comes in.  At the top, was mom and dad.  From there were each of their children (the siblings) and then the grandkids that belong to each child.

We hung them from a long wood plank and mounted the wood tags to chain, so there is some movement.  As a bonus, we took pictures of just the grandchildren and mounted  them to wooden plaques.  This was a kind of then and now thing.  Black and white was the theme because some of the old photos did not look good in full color, which means oxidized pink.

Tada!  Merry Christmas Mom and Dad.


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