Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tables... a decorative storage idea!

Looks like a table sitting there in the corner, right? Yeah, but it doesn't really have legs. In fact, it isn't actually a real table at all. That's just a stack of food storage buckets covered to look like a piece of furniture. If you look really hard, you might notice it... but nobody ever looks that hard. Trust me.

The idea is simple really...

Stack your storage items (I used buckets of wheat here, but I've used boxes, bins, just about anything stackable). If you're using a heavy storage item, put some cardboard down to protect the space around it - in this case, the wall, the carpet, and the pretty scrap of wood that's going to sit on top later.

Then just cover it! I used a bed sheet because I didnt have a beautiful table cloth large enough, and I really wanted this scrap wood to show... it already looked like a beautiful table top!

After trimming the cardboard that was sticking out underneath (which should have been trimmed before I finished putting the buckets down), I propped a chair in front of it. A pot of peacock feathers, a few pictures on top, and tada!

Can't really tell at first glance can ya?

This simple idea was a hit at college. Usually the boxes themselves wound up as the table top and the whole thing got a fabric cover. We used similar tables as night stands and sofa backers. Note this: if you're going to put lamps or other heavy items on top, make sure your box, bins, or whatever is strong and heavy enough to handle some good bumping around.

That's a Jannie-Original. Hope it helps you like it did me!

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