Saturday, June 4, 2011

Little Girl's Mirror Makeover

I got this mirror from a friend... it was headed to the thrift store, but it needed rescuing! Besides, I knew a little girl that needed a mirror, and this was small enough that it would work for her.
I removed the ribbon - it was tired.

Then I hit up the dollar store. They sell these awesome giant flowers for a buck. So I bought 5. After I took them apart, they easily made 10 beautiful flowers. With the help of my friend the hot-glue-gun, the flowers were permanently attached to the frame.

But it needed a little *bLiNg* - so I bought some giant gems for the centers. At first, I was disappointed that the store didn't have round gems, but now I'm glad. The square middles offset all the roundness of the mirror and give it a spunkier look.

And tada! And my inexpensive little decoration got hung in her room.

 It was a fun little idea. Simple really. And I think it was a winner. :-)


1 comment:

jomymother said...

Yep! It's a winner!

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