Monday, June 27, 2011

Harvest Radish Seeds

Have you ever wanted to plant something, but did not have the seeds. Well, you can harvest your own seeds. Here are some steps to gathering radish seeds.

First: let the radish turn into pretty lil' white flowers

Next, the flowers will turn into green pods.
Leave these alone until they turn...

Crunchy. They will be a creamy white color.

Snap off the pods...

Take your thumb nail and slice into the toasted pod.

You will have several little brown seeds.

I like to store my seeds in glass jars with the most beautiful labels you have ever set eyes on.

Plant the seeds next season.

**Note** if the pods are green and the seeds are not a toasted almond color, they will most likely NOT produce anything next season.... so be patient and let them dry on the radish stock.


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