Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gifts - Make 'Em Stand Out!

I had a realy fun present... with a very boring presentation. I wanted my creative bridal shower gift idea to shine a little - maybe even stand out. :)

So I took a boring blue box and covered it with some cute striped wrapping paper using elmer's glue (I was out of good stick glue). Then I tied a simple brown ribbon around it.

It was cute, but not sassy enough for a bridal shower.

So I found some hot pink feathers, buttons, beads and a little hot glue.

Now we're talking!

But don't forget to make the card cute too!

I just glued wrapping paper to cardstock and pulled the same centerpiece trick on the card that I did on the box. It was a hit!

And of course, I filled it with games, candy and a little "eye-candy" for her fiance. :)


1 comment:

jomymother said...

looks so fun, Jannie!

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