Sunday, July 17, 2011

Easy and Inexpensive Window Valence

I came across these adorable little gift bags at the store one day and I thought they went perfectly with the theme and color scheme that I am doing in my little girl's room:flowers in pinks and greens. So I bought a few bags. I also had several cardboard boxes just laying around. They had held picture frames so they were all the same size:
about 9" X 13" and 2" deep.

Then my glue gun and I sat down and got to work
and this is what we came up with:

First, I glued several boxes together end to end. Then I cut one box in half and glued a half on each end perpendicular to my box chain. Then I unfolded the bags and glued them around the boxes. I covered the end caps with tissue paper and added a few ribbons to smooth out the seam lines. Then I poked a hole in each end and slid the curtain rod through.
Because it is so light weight, the curtain rod is strong enough to hold the valence up on its own and I didn't have to punch any new holes in the wall to hang it up.



jomymother said...

I love it Tiff! Very clever!

Summer said...

Oh, for heaven's sake! I would have NEVER thought of that brilliant idea. CLEVER!

Kmomaz said...

Here's a tip: 99 Cent, Dollar Tree, Dollar Stores of all kinds have absolutely BEAUTIFUL gift bags! Even HUGE ones are ONLY a buck! If you have any fabric scraps hanging around, you could also sew a ruffle (simply sew a strait line, using longest stitch, and pull up on one of the threads and . . . VOILA, you've got yourself a ruffle) right onto the paper bag! Just put right sides together, and SEW another strait line (TIP: Use a new, SHARP, light weight needle in sewing machine). You could also go a little crazy and make a flower out of a solid colored bag, ink the edges and/or water color the interior of the flower to create dimension. You could use glitter on edges of the petals etc. the possibilities are ENDLESS! You go girl, HAVE FUN IN CREATING, GOD did!

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