Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spider web

My dd is insisting on decorating for Halloween this year. In the past two days we've made spiders, ghosts, a spider web, a cat, and candy corn bunting. Today is plastic bottle luminaries day, from choosetothrive blog.  But I just wanted to show you our spider web that has pretty good curb appeal.
We put small nails in the large octagon shape and one nail in the middle. Then just wrapped black yarn around the nails and tied it off. We hung plastic bag ghosts (bags over plastic balls) and pom pom spiders (with pipe cleaner legs) from the web.
The candy corn bunting was a paper plate painted with a yellow circle and an orange circle around the edge. We cut the plate into 8 pie pieces, hole punched the edges and laced yarn through it. We hung it with sticky tack.
Last is the cat she drew and cut out. We used a glue stick sparingly to adhere it to the inside of the window.
She is have a spooky good time.


jomymother said...

Love the cat! Tell dd I said so!

Jannie said...

Those are awesome! The candy corn garland is da bomb!

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