Friday, November 8, 2013

Faux Wall

When you need a wall and can not have one put in, you get a little creative. 
So, I have this room that had a wall with a fireplace in the center.  It created a round-a-bout.  We could walk circles all day long.  But I had a problem.  I needed two separate rooms. I especially needed a wall.  We are renting this house, so doing demolition and an add on was not in the cards.... and is generally pricy.   I wanted something light weight, but substantial.  Then it hit me.  I could the use the concept of pipe and drape.  PVC pipe and cheep tab curtains I already had.  
Family room side of the faux wall (There is a tiny dog under the black bench)
other side of wall (which is now my craft room)

We made the panels 8 feet high and put them in 3 sections.
 To attached the center sections together, "T" connecters were just the thing.

 For stability and making it a "wall", "u" brackets were screwed into the drywall.

This project is not time consuming and is very inexpensive.  Power tools are optional (but I like to use mine any chance I get!).  Now I can work on my projects without the rest of the house seeing all of my glorious mess.


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