Thursday, November 7, 2013

Keep Calm and Carry Garlic: Halloween/Fall Front Porch, Halloween Wreath

3 different projects are in this picture. The wreath on the door, the aspen or birch branches, the tiny ghosts hanging from the top.

This post only covers the wreath. I will post on the trees and ghosts soon, though you could probably figure it out without any of my help.

 Parts: (All from a craft store):
Glitter Raven,
"Keep Calm and Carry Garlic" sign,
Yellow and black silk "feathers" (in the silk flower section, I think they were meant to be leaves...),
Green floral wire
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Burlap ribbon
 I had 4 branches of feathers and I laid them cross-wise.
My pictures are horrible, I'm not a photographer. But the pics help, right?
 Turn the sign upside down and hot glue the branches to the center of the sign, fanning out the feathers to frame the sign. I used TONS of hot glue because my branches were pretty thick.

The back of the sign had hangers, so I wired the raven's legs to one of the hangers. I also strung the green floral wire from one corner to the other, just like a picture frame, leaving some bend in the wire so it would hang over the wreath hook. Then I hot glued the burlap bow to the wreath and hung the wreath up!

Keep Calm and Carry Garlic!

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