Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little Woven Journal

See this little composition notebook... and these torn fabric strips that look like rags?
Well, I'm using them to make a woven journal. Note also a decision has to be made about which color to use for the warp string. I chose the black crochet thread. Yarn is fine too.
To make this little woven journal, on the notebook make 1/4 inch marks on the inside front and back cover, top and bottom. Tear one inch strips of fabric or you can iron under the edges for a more finished look. I used three colors, but you can use one color or as many as you want.
Next cut on those marks to create your loom.
Now starting at the top, weave the "warp" thread (or yarn) from top to bottom, looping around the little slits you just made to hold it in place, leaving a little thread (yarn)at both ends.
Then just start weaving your fabrics in and out.
When you are finished, trim the fabric strips to the edge of the notebook.
You will need to edge it with something. I cut a bias strip out of the same fabric and ironed the edges under just like bias tape.
Trim and glue a piece of cardstock to the inside cover, front and back.

Next glue on the bias strip and secure with paper clips. Make sure you cover the inside edges as well as the outside edges. Leave the paper clips on till the glue is dry.
And there you have the finished project.
Hope you enjoy this fun little project!

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