Friday, January 22, 2010

Mystery Citrus

The irony of it all... I have a huge lemon tree:
(use the fence as a reference)
A medium size orange tree:
And a puny grapefruit tree:
My Lemon tree over-produces:
My orange tree is finally getting a good crop:
And our grapefruit tree has zip... hold on a second. Let's take a peek around the other side of the tiny tree...
Oh my goodness! Would you look at the size of this thing?! Is this really a grapefruit?
To give you some perspective, I have long hands and I can hardly hold the thing in my palm. However, I can hold an orange just fine.
And I can hold a lemon with just my finger tips.
Funny how the smallest tree has the largest fruit. Maybe it's because there was only one. What do you think?

By the way, my little grapefruit tree is not very old so I feed it every six months with MiracleGro Food spikes. They work like a charm. Sorry about the fuzzy photo... Camera is acting up. Or maybe it's the operator...

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