Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Reading Goals

I found a great way to motivate my kids to read. My sister-in-law told us the other day that she has a goal to read 500 books in 10 years. I thought that was awesome. It made me want to set some kind of reading goal. That is when it hit me. If I think its cool that she has that kind of goal, what would my kids think if I made some kind of big goal? So I told my son that I have made a goal to read 45 books in 2010. And just as I was hoping, he jumped right on that and wanted to set a reading goal too. So I went into my spreadsheet program and made a simple chart to keep track of what we read and when we complete it. Then I printed one out for each person in our family with their goal written at the top and put them all in a binder.
My son has looked at our goal binder nearly everyday since we made it and loves to see my progress as well as his own.
We made our charts and goals about a week and a half ago and my son has already read Charlotte's Web and is a good way through Frindle (two very great children's books, by the way).
I have already finished Anne of Green Gables and Frindle and am now working on Gone With The Wind. Any suggestions on what book I should pick up next?


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