Friday, February 12, 2010

Door 1 or Door 2?

For singing time last week I played "Door 1 or Door 2?" The song was "He Sent His Son" (CS 34). So, I would read (sing) the first line of the song which was a question and then a child got to come up and pick either door 1 or door 2 to find the answer. The right answer was (of course) the next line of the song, but the wrong answer was something silly that made all the children laugh. I would let them pick the other door if they happened to pick the wrong door the first time. Then we sang the song from the beginning to that point. We continued this through the entire song. You could do this with any song you need to teach. Say (or sing) one line of the song and have the child pick a door to find the next line. I got this idea from the Crazy Chorister.

I didn't have the same materials that she had, but I had a box. So, I cut doors then glued construction paper to it. I then drew on the numbers with a fushia permanent marker. (I should have used red and then we could have used it for "Our Primary Colors.")
I cut a huge hole in the back so I could place new answers behind the doors quickly. I wrote answers on 3x5 cards.
This was such a fun idea. The kids had a great time picking the doors. I laughed as much as the children did!

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