Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Travel Size Garden

I thought I'd left my need for small container garden ideas back at college. Suddenly, I'm finding the need to rediscover them. I've lived in 7 different places in the last 4 years and I'm tired of leaving behind my veggies! So this season, my garden is in small, movable pots.

My larger fruits and vegetables are in the larger pots of course (like melon, squash, cucumbers and tomatoes). These larger pots are at least one and 1/2 feet in diameter and a foot or 2 deep. I planted strawberries and peppers in the medium pots (about 1 foot in diameter), and in the smaller containers (6-9 inches in diameter) are flower seeds to draw in the bees and helpful critters when the time comes for pollination.

I'm also trying a new plant - Nasturtium, pronounced nah-STUR-shum. It's an edible flower with a bit of a spice to it. The gardener at the nursery suggested I try them. He says his favorite way to use it is on a fresh garden salad. It looks beautiful and adds great flavor supposedly. Sounded like an adventurous thing to try, so here I go. :)

I planted my seeds not quite 2 weeks ago and the squash and 2 cucumbers plants have already sprouted! Yay!

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