Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Little About Chairs

I love fun chairs. And I love elegant chairs. I have one in my living room that is both fun and elegant. I can't decide if it is a Rococo period chair. It is not an antique.
In the history of furniture the French influence has been pretty big. A lot of the French pieces used today come from the Rococo period (Louis XV), the Regence period before that, the Neoclassical period of Louis XVI and the provincial countryside of France.
(Interiors an introduction by Karla J. Neilson, and David Taylor)
The Louis XV fauteuil is an open armchair from the Rococo period. It is curvilinear, has no stretchers, has an upholstered seat and back. It has a cabriole leg. The back can be oval or curved. Another feature is supposed to be padded arm rests.
I have a chair that fits most of these requirements. What period do you think it is?

So do you think it is still a Rococo chair without the padded arm rests?
Whatever it is it still fits in with my home decorating ideas.


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