Monday, March 1, 2010

5-Layer Baby Blanket

I got this baby blanket idea at a friend's baby shower. Babies (and moms) love these things!
This is how to make your own. First of all, choose 5 coordinating fabrics and cut a yard from each and wash them. Lay them flat on top of each other and trim so they are all the same size. Pin edges together. Draw diagonal lines with pattern-tracing marker or pencil about 1.5 - 2 inches apart. (I used a piece of wood trim as my gage because it was heavy and made straight lines easier to draw.) Pin then sew along each drawn line. Cut the top 4 layers between each sewn diagonal line. Try to keep your scissors evenly spaced between the sewn lines. Top stitch 1/4 inch away from the edge all the way around making sure the fabric layers are flat. Pin and sew on blanket binding around the edges. Now that the blanket is assembled, wash it a bazillion times. Just kidding. I only washed mine about five or six times. It gives it the shabby chic look. Plus it makes it easier for young moms to wrap up their little ones in the now-comfy blanket.
This is the front of the one I made (the side with the 4 cut layers) before I washed it.
This is the back.
When I washed it the layers folded over each other.
The colors for the layers I used were:
Layer 1 (back layer): Brown w/ pink polka-dots (broadcloth fabric)
Layer 2: Cream and tan stripe (loose weave)
Layer 3: Medium pink broadcloth (tight weave)
Layer 4: Light pink broadcloth (medium weave)
Layer 5 Bright pink broadcloth (tightest weave)
Cream colored blanket binding. (I was pretty lucky; my blanket binding already had the points on it.)

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