Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Homeschool Schedule Chart

Homeschooling can be tough. Sometimes, okay a lot of times, the kids don't want to do what you have planned for them to do. And then its just a drudgery for you and them to get through the days work. We tried starting a couple of different daily routines here and there, but they didn't last long. With my kids, some routine is good, but too much structure (and likewise not enough structure) doesn't work. So I came up with this little chart. Well, the chart itself I found in the dollar section at Target.
But then I wrote each of the subjects I'd like to cover with the kids in any given week on a strip of paper. We don't do all the subjects everyday (none of us has the patience for that long of a day), so I chose a few strips that I want us to do everyday and then I let the kids pick what other subjects we do. They each pick a subject and we put it up in the chart for that day's schedule. If they choose the same subjects two days in a row, then the next day those subjects are out of the rotation so that we make sure and get some of everything in throughout the week. We've been doing it for nearly a month now and they aren't tired of it yet.


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