Monday, March 8, 2010

Hula Skirts of Fabric

Last week was Spirit week at my kids elementary school. Thursday was "Luau Day." My kids had been dressing up everyday to match the theme, but Wednesday night there was a panic. No hawaiian clothes in the closet! I sent my girls to bed telling them that they would have to be content with leighs and flowers in their hair. They were good sports, but I could tell there was a little disappointment in their eyes. I felt a little sad myself. I was wracking my brain for some kind of idea so they could still participate. I walked into my sewing room for inspiration. And then angels in heaven began singing as my eyes fell upon one yard of pink fabric. I took the fabric (which was left over from the 5 layer baby blanket) and cut it in half, one side for each girl. I then folded that in half and topstitched 3/8 inch away from the fold. Next I measured a hot pink ribbon the full width of the skirt with extra length for sashes to tie in the back. Pinning a safety pin to one end, I threaded my 1/4 inch ribbon through the hem. Measuring about an inch wide I cut the "grass strips" of the skirt about to about an inch away from the hem. I took the flowers off a couple of peices of an old hawaiian table skirt and hot glued them to the waist of each skirt. (I couldn't use the table skirts since they were made of real raffia and were falling apart. Otherwise I wouldn't have to be so creative!) They turned out great because they were easy to put on, easy to take off, easy to wear (no scratchy grass against little legs) AND they were easy to make! Can't beat that.

However, the raffia made kind of a mess.

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