Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easy Fleece Baby Blanket

My cousin makes the CUTEST little rag quilts out of fabric strips instead of squares. So when my friend announced her baby shower, I had to use her cute little sewing idea... but of course, I simplified things.

Cotton rag quilts turn out SO cute, but fleece can be much easier. The "rag" part of a fleece blanket ends up looking more like fringe, but I love it!

Fleece Blanket Instructions:

I used about 1 yard of white fleece and 1.25 yards of a patterned fleece (the fabric was 45 inches wide).

This was a bit more fabric than I needed for the blanket, so I made some burp rags to go with it (more on that later).

Cut the patterned fabric into 4 strips that are 8 inches wide. Cut the white fabric into 3 strips also 8 inches wide.

Lay the strips together, varying every other color, and pin the long sides (the 45-inch sides) together. Use a straight stitch to sew a 1-inch seam along the pinned edge, leaving the seam open on top. Sew another simple straight stitch 1 inch in around the entire blanket.

Snip the edge of the seam. That's what gives the blanket that "rag" or "fringe" kind of feel.

Snip the outside edges of the blanket too, and your DONE!

I must say, the stripes are so catchy. :)

The really nice thing about this little fleece rag quilt is how easy it is to make... and I LOVE easy! It also makes a cute and classy baby shower gift.

And to the young mommy who didn't get one at her baby shower, let me tell you - this is a simple and fast way to keep your little one all warm and fuzzy. :) Aren't easy crafts fun?


Stay tuned for a follow-up post on how to make "raggedy" burp rags with your leftover fabric!

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